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About Me

Hola and welcome to my blog! I'm so happy that you're here to share my journey with! One of my passions is food, video and photography. Although I'm not a chef, critic or a professional I love exploring and learning about the Gastronomy in Tijuana whether is getting to know more about my city where I grew up at or other cultures, there traditions from different parts of the world that exist in the city. Nothing makes me happier than bringing people together with food.

My whole purpose for this blog is to show you the hidden gems that Tijuana has to offer. From people that come to visit us from other places of the world to locals that just want to try new places to eat.

Join me on this adventure in discovering Tijuana and other parts of La Baja. Hope you enjoy Tijuana when you visit as much as I do. If you visit don't be shy and share your story is always exciting hearing from others their experience. 

And like we say over here before we indulge on a good meal, Buen Provecho!


With Love your foodie friend Denisse

Foodie from Tj

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